txThings improvements and news


I updated my txThings library and made some improvements:

1. txThings is now a proper Python package. It is available on PyPI. You can install txThings on most Python environments using command:

easy_install txthings


pip install txthings

These commands should automatically install txThings dependencies too - currently it’s only Twisted. On Linux you need root privileges (sudo). You can also specify txThings as a dependency for your own application.

2. I added an example for Resource Directory. Resource Directory is based on draft-ietf-core-resource-directory-01 (it’s already outdated but changes shouldn’t be dramatic).

Also Christian Amsüss recently ported txThings to Python 3 and asyncio. Asyncio is a new Python 3 module, backed by Guido himself. It’s an effort to partially unify many different Python asynchronous frameworks (make them run on a common event loop). I support this idea - it’s Python’s only chance against node.js. Twisted is actively being ported to Python 3 and is going to have bindings for asyncio, so one day it might be possible to just run the code and not worry about compatibility. Christian’s library is called aiocoap. If you plan to develop apps for Python 3, you should strongly consider using aiocoap.